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Mythic Media is a full-stack systems integrator and software developer with award-winning applications and millions of users. We are the premier Flutter and React Native developer in the world, and we guarantee delivering the highest quality software at half the price of other integrators. Here is how we do it: 1/ We are experts at cross-platform development; we develop with a single code base to deploy software across multiple platforms using such technologies as Flutter, AngularDart, React Native, React.js, Spring, Vaadin, and others. 2/ We never start from scratch; our applications are built upon an existing foundation, and this translates to an accelerated delivery schedule. 3/ Our software engineers are the most productive in the world.
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Why Mythic Media?

Speed to Market

We don’t waste your time building systems from scratch; we’ve already built them. We apply your business logic to our existing frameworks.


We are experts in enterprise architecture and cloud computing. We use stateless and redundantly arrayed server-side systems hosted on the cloud that scale infinitely.


User experience is what sets Mythic Media apart from other integrators. Dazzle and delight your users with intuitive UX and award-winning design.


We are experts in cybersecurity. Your systems and their data will always remain secure with us.


Tom Cumbo

Mythic Media has provided unparalleled service and expertise to The STA Group, particularly in the areas of technology strategy and cross-platform software development. The leadership at Mythic understands that technology is a force multiplier which when applied correctly, can provide tremendous value and economies of scale to our clients. We love working with Mythic Media.

Carolyn Saper

Developing both iOS and Android apps with Mythic Media using React Native has been extremely cost effective for ReadAskChat. Mythic Media managed the entire technical implementation, including developing a content management system and a data warehouse. The work we accomplished with Mythic Media enabled us to receive our third round of funding from the National Science Foundation to advance our innovation in Early Childhood Education. Mythic Media continues to play a critical role in our success. I highly recommend Mythic Media for those seeking cutting-edge solutions and effective new products.


William Kehl

We were astounded with just how quickly Mythic Media was able to translate our vision for iOS, Android, and Web into MVPs and then into production applications. Mythic Media is simply awesome.


Andrew Schwartz

Mythic Media is a global player in the world of  cybersecurity and cloud migration. Mythic was instrumental in helping us establish a secure trading platform in Malta, as well as successfully navigating the complexities of the new European data privacy law, General Data Protection Regulation.



In addition to developing robust and highly performant systems for our clients, we are leading researchers in the fields of systems architecture, continuous integration, and unified development. We set the research agenda in cross-platform software engineering.
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Gufron Efendi
Software Architect
Mochamad Gufron Efendi is a Software Architect with close to 10 years of experience building web and mobile applications, and much of that on the React platform. Gufron is also expert at PHP, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript, Swift, Objective-C, Docker, and Flutter. Gufron brings resourcefulness, discipline, and a contagious positivity to every engagement. Despite professing to be an introvert, Gufron's sharp wit will leave you in stitches. When he's not blazing through code, you can find him blazing a trail on his motorcycle.
Adam Gerber
Adam Gerber, PhD is founder and president of Mythic Media. Adam has over 25 years of experience in software engineering and is the author of Learn Android Studio. Adam is expert in cross-platform software engineering, development operations, continuous integration, and cloud computing. Adam also teaches Java and Android, among other courses, in the Masters Program in Computer Science at the University of Chicago. When Adam is not evangelizing for cross-platform software development, he is traveling with his wife Mia to compete in amateur sporting events.
Andrey Kopanenko
Director of Operations
Andrey Kopanenko has orchestrated dozens of web and mobile projects, many of them green-field using the React platform. Always cordial but never obsequious, Andrey is a masterful communicator, easily parsing the complex nuances of humor, sarcasm, and innuendo in three languages. Andrey's command of English and understanding of Anglo-Saxon culture is particularly disarming; he is just as comfortable deconstructing technical requirements in Russian, as he is cracking sophisticated jokes in English. When Andrey isn't building the world's best software, you can find him playing guitar and exploring the world with friends.
Jia Peng
Director of Finance
Jia Peng, CFA level III has worked in finance and investment banking for over 15 years. Jia specializes in high-yield and leveraged financing structuring, marketing and execution of securities, debt security offering and leveraged loan syndication, as well as financial due diligence and LBO modeling. Jia has consulted with numerous companies on capital structure and credit ratings, equity valuation, shareholder value enhancement strategies, and well as EPS-at-risk management and interest rate derivatives strategies. Jia is active in the Chicago business community and in promoting US-China business.
Sohel Rana
Cloud Architect
Sohel Rana is Cloud Systems Architect and SysOps Engineer at Mythic Media. Sohel is an expert in Linux ( RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu,Debian ) Virtualization ( Docker , OpenStack, KVM ), Database Administration (MySQL,PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB), DNS Server (Bind, PowerDNS), Web Server (LAMP, LEMP, HAproxy), Postfix, Exim, SPF, DKIM, Monitoring (Nagios, Zabbix, CloudWatch etc ), Bash Script, Python, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, GIT, WHM/Cpanel, Plesk, Virtualmin/Webmin. Cloud Services (AWS,GCP, Digitalocean, Linode etc.) ELK Server (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Graylog). Sohel holds multiple RED HAT expert certifications. No engineering challenge is too great for Sohel.
Bill Zangwill
Director of Strategy
Willard (Bill) Zangwill, PhD is a Professor Emeritus at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Bill is the author of four books and more than 50 published papers on management science and strategy. Bill has developed software for decision making that has been widely applied in business and for homeland security. He has worked as a consultant for numerous companies, including GE, IBM, RAND Corporation, and Honda. Bill has degrees from Columbia and Stanford Universities in Physics and Operations Research. Bill brings discipline and much practical experience to Mythic Media.

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